Our assets (content and completed styles) are protected under multiple single and compiled registered copyrights, groups and derivatives-of, with the US Copyright Office. We police our assets daily.

Some of these registered copyrights date back to 1996 and up to the Current. We have thousands of original, funny, fashionable and composed assets in our personal library and style guide (over 10,000 individual combined formats in existence). Some or our © registrations below.

  • VAu000431566

  • VAu000413564

  • VAu000400692

  • VA0002153230

  • VA0000792226

  • VAu000634261

  • VAu000636014

  • VAu000636015

  • VAu000451937

  • VAu000349226

  • VAu000493180

  • VA0000866051

  • VAu000738534

  • VAu000962172

  • VA0001955702

  • VAu000439697

  • VAu000435823

  • VAu000607402

  • VAu000366377

  • VAu000454409

  • VAu000491451

  • VAu000491452

  • VAu000464144

  • VAu000539166

We have also registered many international trademarks and a US utility patent. 

© 2020 by i-Create International, Inc.

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