Our Intellectual Property / Assets:

First and Foremost, we are Original Creators whom also protect our assets to the greatest extent. With 24 years in the industry practicing the same method this brings our licensed program at a great value to partners, retailers and licensees. Changing up our business model efforts for print on demand in early 2019 and landing these new partners, has granted us a prolific forth-going in multi-marketplace ecommerce real estate of licensed goods under the i-Create brand name.  

Assets as listed:

2000+ Fully Composed & Tested POD Ready-to-Go Styles (Print-on-Demand) (includes 3 formats per style/file): High Resolution PNG Transparent (4500x5400), High Resolution PNG Solid w/Backgrounds (4500x5400) , and AI vector editable format per each. This is a growing catalog deriving from our single copyrighted assets below. These assets are also great for avatar and game development for character clothing, decals, environmental art, etc. The PNG solid w/background styles are also great for sharable images as memes, mobile/AR fun green-screen backgrounds, stickers, etc.

200 Fully Composed & Tested Ready-to-Go POD Repeats/Patterns Styles (combined High Resolution PNG and JPG formats, and AI vector editable format for each). POD ready as well. Also great for mobile (themes, wallpapers and mobile/AR fun green-screen backgrounds) and game development (backgrounds and textures). This includes licensing these repeats and patterns to the hard and soft goods accessory and decor market (textiles). Most of the patterns are at 6000x6500 PNG w/backgrounds, and the remainder are arranged in sizes from 6000x6000 JPG, 6000x9000 JPG, and 17000x17000 JPG

1300+ Composed & Tested Meme Like Fun Sharing Images and or Stickers (JPG Formatted). Also be ready for POD on smaller POD items like mugs, etc. Average size of most is 800x800 but some as 1600x1600 and 1700x1700. (this is derived from a larger database of our styles along with mostly vector originals). 

500+ GIF (500x500) Animated and Looping, Fun-Sharing, Slides/Revolvers (great for image, sticker and meme sharing sites/apps).

5000 Single Copyrighted Vector AI Elements (and CDR Corel Files and some EPS vector as well) (includes: characters, icons, art elements, and so much more) Also includes multiple exported formats for messaging digital stickers, gaming and avatar decals, and so much more). All above content derives from these copyrighted assets. 

Assets above come in multiple sizes from small to large (and many types of formats) for all types of licensing programs as well bringing our asset count at

a whole, to over 10,000.  

These completed styles and single assets cover multiple popular topics, categories, everyday subjects, many age groups and genders too such as: Aliens, Animals, Cats, Dogs, Coffee, Dinosaurs, Drinking, Funny, Icons, Attitude, One-liners, Wordplay, Gamer, Geek, Green, Holidays, Horror, Monsters, Lifestyle (Surf, Skater, etc), Urban Fashion, Kids Fashion, Pop-art Fun, Music, Mustache, Nope Not Today, Nope to Satan, Jesus, Peace, Unicorns, Donuts, Business/Home/Office, HVAC, AV, GUI Touch-points (arrows, buttons, etc), Homework, School, Skulls & Skeletons, Sports (Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, etc), Fitness, Gym, Food, Tacos, Mermaids, Goth, Matching Couples Humor, Pride (all genders: Gay Pride, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual, Pansexual, Transgender, etc), Cannabis and much more. We do all this with our twist on it all and out-of-the-box creations. We keep it all clean and commerce friendly too. 

Our assets above have been licensed across multiple categories including mobile, thousands of brick-n-mortar items, print on demand, cameos on TV and in Movies, and so much more. It’s an amazing catalog backed up by Multiple Registered Copyrights.

© 2020 by i-Create International, Inc.

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