i-Create International, Inc. has been licensing and distributing its original content since January 1996. Our licensed content/assets have been on hundreds of category products, especially apparel in multiple mid, mass, value, upper and specialty retailers across the US. Our spin-off programs from partners have showcased our art on many categories across Retail/Movies/TV (below). We make "Generic" look good! 

Our content has been distributed on 25+ Top Tier 1 & 2 International Carrier Decks (such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Virgin, T-Mobile, etc), Paid Decks, Content Subscription Apps and Stand-Alone iPhone Apps.

i-Create Under Private Label Past Licensees: Brick and Mortar Retailers include:  Macy's, JCP Department Store & JCP Outlet, Paradies Shops, Sears, Kohl’s, Dillards, Sharpes, Nexcom, Burlington, Winners, Meijer’s, Kmart, Ross, DD’s, Stage, Bealls, Peebles, Dollar General, Gabriel Brothers, Bob’s Stores, Forman Mills, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Vanity Fair, Target, AAFES, Gordmans, Belk, Bermo, Rue 21, Zulily, Fred Meyer and many more. Some of our Tee Styles have independently sold over $1M retail per SKU.

Our past art also has been a cameo in: Crayola Products, Tropicana OJ Containers, Sherwood Brands Easter Baskets, CarbSense, KidZup CDs, Barron’s Books, Nutra Prep, Thompson Cigars Labels, Micro Mags, Kalan Patches, FAF Storage, Corel Corporation Clipart, Hemera Clipart, Graphic Corp Clipart, Nova Development & RomTech Software Clipart Products (Independently Developed the full line (4 Volumes) of award winning: stick figure "Not Just Another Clipart" series by RomTech), IMSI Software Clipart and in Movies such as Daddy Day Care (the Sun Smile on the Van and Kiddy Art on Flyers/Banners), Kicking and Screaming Book, Drowning Mona (Landscaping Tees Lawnmower) and TV shows (props/signage) such like iCarly and Ned’s Declassified, also in children's program like Baby Genius Videos...and Much More!

Licensing Available:

We have an exciting amount of ASSETS (below we offer two types of Licensing)

We offer Traditional Licensing for all and any type of product line that could use our pick-me-up and out-of-the-box styles and assets. We have thousands of composed styles, character and element stickers for messaging apps, meme type of shareable images, animated GIFs, styles for apparel, accessories & decor, patterns & repeats for many types of items, loads of fun original characters, single art assets for craft kits, art for stationery, assets for mobile / console / Apps / PC games (playing assets like icons, characters, player pics, completed images for casino slots, assets for decals on avatar/player clothing, environmental decals for interiors, exteriors, object textures, etc). It’s an open style guide housing loads of assets and more! In fact, we have over 10,000 assets in all backed up by copyright protection under multiple registrations


In 2019, we have crafted from our original and 23 year old traditional program, a new "now" popular Print-on-Demand Licensing (POD) program where partners can license our best selling styles for their mock-up generators (design labs) where customers can place, design and purchase. Also we offer a resell option to their customers/creators/sellers to market, sell in multi-channel marketplaces. In addition we also offer retailer and collaborative options to work together and build SKUs across multiple marketplaces. We have spec-ready completed styles and also a huge library of original registered copyrighted single assets to derive new styles from forever.   

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